Why we only offer one design when creating brands and logos

Clients often expect us to create a number of choices of brand or logo design. This is crazy. Surely it’s better to spend the budget on the one design that we as designers know is the right approach?

Why waste the budget creating designs that we know are going to be discarded!

First of all, after finally finding that ‘perfect designer’ you’ve been searching for, the usual drill will begin with sketching concepts for your branding and logo. In two hours our desk, floor, and whatever space is left full of discarded sheets of paper with rejected designs.

If the ‘multiple-design’ approach is used, we will sketch some ideas and then bam! It hits us. We find the absolute perfect logo for your business. Great. But now we have to draw the other 2 options and we end up with mediocre versions of the same idea (probably). 

Then we send our work to you, eagerly waiting for your response and hoping you can spot the right version of the logo from the 3 options. The phone rings or the email arrives: the moment of truth. Oh no! you’ve chosen the one that we spent least time on and are less keen on.

Now the fun starts – you probably then want a bit from logo-1, the typeface from logo-2 and the colour of logo-3. A disaster!

In the end it only creates indecisiveness and insecurity in the project. That’s definitely not a good path to take if we want to create the best result for your business.

There is one solution to all of our problems, and that is present 1 branding solution! Yes, just one design.

Why? because we’re designers and you don’t need to worry; we’ll know which is right and we will have spent considerable time researching and sketching before we decide to focus on one design.

All our valuable time (and your valuable budget) has then been spent focussing on one design, not thinly spread over several designs. The benefit to you as a client is that you don’t have to choose a favourite (after all, that’s why you come to us, isn’t it?).

The benefit to us and the project is that we can concentrate on one design, using all our energies and skills on that one killer design.