We live in a colourful world. We are surrounded by colours everywhere we go, whether going to a restaurant with friends, having fun in the neighbourhood park with our furry best friend, or cooking dinner. It’s important to know that each colour is tied to an emotional and psychological response.

That’s why you need to understand the meaning behind each colour. 

For example, blue might not work for a restaurant logo, as it transmits tranquility and peace rather than stimulating your appetite. 

Now let’s go deeper and see what each colour means for us.

What’s your brand saying to your customers? 


Represents freshness, balance, as well as wealth and growth. Many eco-friendly brands use this colour because...well what can be more appropriate to represent our green planet? It sends a message of "Go!" and brings positivity.


Represents dependability, loyalty and calmness. Your bank might use this colour. It's also great for social networks, corporate industries or beauty spas.


We're talking about royalty, spirituality and creativity. Evokes serenity and artistry. Luxury brands make use of this colour, lighter shades being suitable for more feminine products.


Everything is bright and full of energy! Represents warmth, positivity, excitement and cheer. Great to use for all ages, and restaurants, as it is known to stimulate appetite (hello MacDonalds!).


Evokes energy and vibrancy, while maintaining a friendly appeal. Inviting, fun, playful and great to use to show high-energy, while not overpowering.


Dynamic and powerful colour, used to draw attention. It also stimulates your appetite. Brands that want to evoke passion and drama like to use this colour, but they often do so minimally, as it is overpowering.


It's obviously feminine, soft and delicate. Vibrant tints of pink are used to evoke a bold, modern appeal. It's a very light-hearted, friendly colour.


Perceived as neutral, as well as calming and sleek. Often seen in modern technology companies or conservative corporate settings.


Represents power and elegance. The colour of authority for any time period. Black evokes boldness as well, and many fashion, editorial and luxury brands rely on this colour. 

There are millions of different shades and colours, and now that we have the basics we can be prepared to make the smartest choices when it comes to branding.