Why branding is important to your company’s identity

“I don’t need a brand, I just need a logo!” We hear this a lot. Worryingly too much, actually. It’s probably just ahead of “how much do you charge for a logo, mate?”

Branding is probably the most important investment you’ll ever make in your business. Take one of the world’s biggest companies, Apple. They don’t really advertise what their product does, they carefully promote an impression of how owning an Apple product will make you feel. All of their branding efforts reinforce this message, from visiting one of their stores to owning and using one of their products.

Some brands don’t even use their name, as they are so recognisable. Nike for example use the famous tick symbol because everyone knows what that logo means.

When we’re developing your brand, we consider these three branding benefits:

  • Increase consumer knowledge about a business
  • Get customers to choose you over your competition
  • Your customers recommend your business to others

As well as being professional and recognisable, good branding will help customers to trust you and that starts from those very first impressions, from the moment they pick up your brochure or click on your website. You must never underestimate the importance of first impressions.

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