Website trends

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Back in the day, websites all had to fit onto a 760px wide screen. It was a challenge to get the design to fit into a tiny space and most people hated to scroll.

Mind you, at least we didn’t have to worry about flexible designs for tablets and mobile devices!

Who would have known that websites would need to be designed as mobile-first then desktop? More and more people now access your site on a mobile and they want a well rewarding experience, almost like using their favourite ‘app’.

In fact, it’s still difficult to convince clients that scrolling isn’t something satanic, it’s a natural thing to do these days. After all, when we read a newspaper, we know to turn the page; it’s not something alien to us and scrolling is not different.

As long as the scrolling experience is an engaging one of course. No one wants to scroll through lots of mundane text and images, but if we as designers create and interesting journey and give users a feel g that they will be rewarded while scrolling, then it’s great way to serve content.

Some websites can even be ‘one page’ sites. They can sometimes serve to provide all the content and the full message all in one page.

After all, these days, customers just want to know:

  1. Am I in the right place for the product / service I searched for?
  2. Does this company do what I expect?
  3. Do I trust them?
  4. How do I get in touch?