Website design for Automation Consultant

Automation Consultant helping businesses to improve business processes

RLegal Engineering is a friendly and approachable Automation Consultant that helps law firms and corporate teams to buy and implement technology, helping businesses improve their processes, becoming more efficient and ultimately more profitable. They looked to Cube Lab, web designers in Devon, to come up with the new design.

Specialising in document automation, RLegal Engineering apply their deep knowledge and experience to ensure that they exceed the expectations of every client.

What is Documentation Automation and how can it improve my business?

From the automation of a simple document to complex ‘suites’ of multiple documents, this could vary from ad-hoc automation to a fully outsourced automation service.

Rob from RLegal Engineering says: “From initial scoping and mark-up, we find ways to introduce automation to all of your document processes and then we test. And test again. With real users”.

“Further amends and changes are made and re-tested before signing off and launching the automates system”.

“We’ve achieved over an 83% efficiency saving on average across all of the many hundreds of documents that we’ve automated for international law firms and large corporations”.

“For example, one document suite automated for the Construction sector saves around 5 hours each time. Document automation reduces risk and improves the quality and consistency of documents”.

Contact Rob or learn more from his LinkedIn profile.

The design, by web designers here in sunny Devon

The new website design was created by the website designers at Cube Lab in Devon and, using simple but clear design ideas, the end result is an easy to use web portal that provides useful information about documentation automation processes that RLegal provide.

logo design

Logo design

We designed the logo with a simple use of bold colours and typography. A good choice of typeface completes this logo design.

web design

Web design

The website design is clean and easy to use. We reduced the text to the bare minimum with small snippets of text to get the message across. Our web designers have created a wonderfully simple and effective web design for the client. See more great web design examples here.