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FREE Search Engine Performance Report

SEO Audit

Search engine optimisation is a complex and multifaceted process that involves a plethora of factors including content quality, keyword usage, backlinking, page speed, mobile responsiveness and more.

It requires a deep understanding of the search engine industry and a constantly updated understanding of how people search for products, services, or information relevant to your site. Moreover, search engine algorithms are continually changing, it is a labour-intensive process. External factors, such as changes in user behaviour, social media activity and competitors’ actions, can also impact SEO rankings. All of these factors make SEO a complex and challenging process. The first step is to understand what your google visibility is, what your competitors are doing and what keywords you should be optimising.

With the right SEO partner and strategies SEO can provide significant long term benefits to your business, increasing your visibility and online presence.

SEO Audit

What you get

Our SEO experts will conduct a free no obligation pdf report to your inbox within 24hours. A comprehensive review that looks to uncover the health of your site. We will report on your competitors to develop a clear understanding of your market positioning and how you can stand out. Our approach is rooted in developing a strong keyword strategy, so we will offer some ideas on keyword strategy. Using our expertise and knowledge, we will then provide customised solutions, with our collaborative approach, you’ll get a glimpse of the value we bring to the table, and our commitment to helping you unlock new opportunities for growth.

SEO Audit


  • Analyse the health of your website.
  • Advise on how to fix any issues.
  • Offer a review on two of your competitors.
  • Show you the opportunities that you have for reaching page one for relevant Google search terms.
  • Share best practice that we have seen work.
  • Give you 4 key actions to take away and implement.
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