Web design testimonials and reviews

design testimonials

I never read a testimonial page. Why would I? I don’t trust them, they often feel false and made up. One way to overcome this is to add real testimonials to the text that is relevant to the testimonial.

So, if your website has a section on wedding photography and another on product photography, add the testimonial to the appropriate section, embed it into the text and change its appearance a little, perhaps by making the text italic or add a speech marks to emphasise the testimonial.

In this way, your potential customer doesn’t have to search out the testimonials, but best of all, she’ll probably read them subconsciously without realising it.

How do I get testimonials?

So you’ve done a great job, how do you get your client to give you a glowing review? 

Ask them!

These days, we’re quick to complain but slow to recommend people and so you sometimes just have to ask for a review of your services. Most clients are more than happy to do so, you just need to ask them.