Web design call to action by web designer in Devon

Wait, what’s a ‘call to action?’ This is sometimes called the CTA and is usually a link in the form of a button because that stands out. Essentially, a CTA is an obvious and bold link that asks the visitor to the website to click – it might be to call you or to email you or it might even be an invitation to look at a page of products or services.

A short article by Cube Lab, web designers in Devon

What is a call to action on a website?

You wouldn’t walk into a car showroom and head straight for the salesman with your wallet out, would you? You’d check out the cars, talk to the salesman, read the brochure. Then and only then are you ready to take the action of starting the buying process.

Don’t put all of your calls to action at the top of the page though, because you haven’t given enough information yet. The site-visitor needs to trust you before taking that action.

Make sure to put calls to action further down the page, in any place where interest is likely to be high and after the site-visitor has leaned enough about you and is ready to trust you.

There is really only one reason for you to be building this website right now, right? You want clients and you want to make sales. Your new web design is a selling machine and it needs to work hard. Visitors to your website want to feel they’ve come to the right place, trust that what you say you do will solve their problem and they then want to know how best to get in touch. That’s your call to action right there – it needs to say “you’ve had a look around, you like what you see, you can see that we can help you, now click this big button to get in touch”.

Web design in Devon, an example …

Take this example of a website design in Devon – Amzco at amzco.co.uk. The web design is simple and the home page shows this process:

The process

3 easy steps to the CTA:

  1. Heading – explaining what they do plus a short intro<
  2. A summary of their skills and how they help
  3. A short form to ask the potential client to get in touch – the CTA