Web design and the use of photos

I’ll tell you a story – a true account of poor photography

I once had a client who sold those snazzy bi-fold doors we all love and they asked us to design a website for them. We asked them for some photos of the installations they had carried out to date and they sent two batches.

The first was from an architect-designed house which looked beautiful. The architect had commissioned a photographer to take some shots and the bi-fold doors looked amazing. I would have placed an order just from looking at the set of photos and I don’t even have room for the doors!

The other batch was to be the norm. Each installation, the sales guy probably said the to the installers, when they finished the installation; “Mate, take some photos of the doors when you’re done, yeah?”

The resulting photos were dull, out of focus and poorly composed. And in the foreground of one was the builders’ wheelbarrow, the grass was a mess where they’d trampled o the lawn and the nail in the coffin? In the reflection of the glass was, you guessed it, an image of the builder taking the photo!

So the message here – websites these days are all about the visuals and people will always remember the poor photo. Always keep the images to a minimum, adding just the best of the best ones.

Less is more as they say, so pick the best and ditch the poor shots.