Imagery on your website

The imagery on your website

Whilst text is important, we’re visual creatures so your appearance is everything. The judgement made in just seconds of viewing your website has the biggest impact on how viewers see your company. This is why your choice of imagery is crucial.

Compare the style of images you’d see in a kebab shop vs a 5-star restaurant. If the images were the other way round something just wouldn’t feel right?

Unspoken expectations are created based on the complete look of your site, so when your website is being developed or your editing your existing content, you need to make sure your imagery allows the viewer to connect with you and sets up their expectations correctly.

What is a good image?

Don’t mistake a good image for a well-taken photo. Whilst it might look nice, it’s not there for eye-candy. It needs to inspire a feeling in the viewer that represents who you are and what you do.

It’s something that enhances the experience of your website by clarifying without words what you are.

Take a look at the images below, both are images of pasta in a seemingly laid-back environment. You might have a preference of one photo over the other, but which one says ‘We make our own pasta’ without words?


When designing websites, we step back and look at it from your customers point of view. What would a customer need to see or feel to trust you, and in turn contact or buy from you? How do you want to come across to your clients? Write down some keywords.

Now take a look at your website, do your photos ‘say’ this? Ask someone who has never seen your website what they think the images say about you. You might be surprised at their answers.

How to use them on the website?

A good image is one that creates an emotional and behavioural response in your viewer. So when you’ve decided on the message, it’s time to find a photographer to take them. If you’d like some help finding a photographer, please get in touch, we’d be happy to help. Alternatively, if your budget doesn’t allow use sites like iStock to source stock imagery.

Once you’ve got your images, you need to implement them across the website and social media accounts. Use a strong ‘Hero’ image on your landing page that encompasses your company best. This will be the first thing a potential customer will see, so make sure it’s one that’s relevant and enhances the users’ experience.

Then use your other images to sprinkle your message throughout your website. Just make sure they are relevant to your content and reflect your message throughout each page.

The benefits

Clear and consistent imagery throughout your website, social media and printed materials promote the authenticity of you and your company.

You will make a more personal connection to the viewer and in turn gain trust and confidence in your business. This confidence will translate to a higher contact or purchase rate.