Top Five Reasons to Avoid DIY Website Design

First impressions are important. Whether you’re shaking hands with someone at a party, sitting down for a job interview, or presenting your business to a potential online customer, the initial response informs their viewpoint.

When it comes to your business website, this can mean the difference between making and missing a sale. It might be tempting to try to save a few quid by piecing together a website on your own, but the benefits of a professionally designed website far outweigh the money saved.

Although there are many, here are a few reasons hiring a professional website development firm is a good idea.

1. It frees you up

Designing a great website takes time. First you have to learn how to use the tools (it isn’t as easy as it looks on those snazzy TV ads!) and then figure out how to implement them.

Any time spent trying to navigate this new territory is taking you away from focusing on your product or service. Your customers seek you out for your speciality, so don’t divide your attention between that and something outside of your expertise.

2. It sets you apart

You may be tempted to use one of the many DIY services advertising easy-to-use templates for website design.

But keep in mind, these templates are also available to your competition. The only way to truly set your business apart is to have a unique design that captures the customers’ attention and keeps it. Template websites might look good enough in passing, but a professional website provides a curated experience specific to your business.

And believe me when I say, these templates or themes look amazing, but strip away the fantastic photos (that are not usually included) and the website looks bland.

3. It shows professionalism

The way a customer views your business is important. If you put forward an unprofessional atmosphere, the customer won’t take you seriously. A poorly designed and cumbersome website will not only annoy your customer, but it will degrade their opinion of you.

If their only interaction with your company is unsatisfactory, why should they expect anything different when they employ your services? A well-designed website shows you take yourself seriously, which will convince the customer to take you seriously as well.

4. It makes you accessible

Technology changes all the time. There are many different platforms, browsers, operating systems, and your website needs to work with all of them. The only way to ensure your website is accessible to every possible customer is for it to be universally compatible.

Professional developers know this and can make sure your content can be seen by anybody curious enough to stop by.

5. It helps you grow

As you business grows, your needs will evolve. Your website will need to evolve as well. A website designer can easily make changes to your website to add, alter, or erase anything that is no longer applicable to your services or products.

This is essential because your website is the easiest way for a potential customer to learn about your company. Timely information and lists of services is indispensable.