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Designing your own website – part 3

You are not the star of this show

Believe it or not, the new website is not all about you. If you have used words like ‘me’ or ‘we’ over and over, then it’s all about you and that is not what your customer wants to hear.

She wants to hear how you can help her. What problem do you solve? What solutions do you provide? Does the design of your new website help with this or does it just talk about you and your passions?

You should guide them through the maze, help them to find the best solution. Above all, they should like what they hear and should trust you.

When you choose a restaurant, do you see what’s on the menu before you go in? Of course you do, but seeing and trusting the atmosphere, the ‘feel’ of the place, now that’s what encourages you to step over the threshold.

Here are some tips to get the content right.

Make a list

List the goals you think your client is aiming for. What concerns do they have? What day to day struggles do they endure? Pick a couple of these and write the content with this as the starting point.

Features – must-have features

Make a list of the features you’d like to add when you design your website. A blog. Some testimonials. A gallery of images. Wait, don’t add them just because everyone else is!

Image is everything.

Choose only the best photos to use on the website and make sure that are sharply in focus and the same proportion. When it comes to quality, make sure they are perfectly composed and well-lit and only upload images that are sized for the space; a mobile user won’t thank you for using all their data by having to download a beautify taken photo taken with your set of the art Canon / Sony or whatever. Your 13MB photos will take for ever to load!