Surviving in a crisis. Part 1.

Keep your clients in the loop

Keep you clients up to date with your current situation and how you are operating. Show them that it’s ‘business as usual (sort of).

Find new ways to communicate if you previously relied on face to face meetings

There are a number of tools you can use to arrange meetings and some even allow you to add more people to the group. These include Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Skype.

Offer flexible ways to pay

We’re all in the same boat and cashflow is paramount of course. But offering delayed payments or payment holidays can really help ease the pressure.

Collaborate with others

Now is the time to join forces. Do you know someone who you can work with? This might improve the services what you offer. For example, we are collaborating with an illustrator and a copy writer for our web design services. We’ll provide the web designer and our new partners will write the creative writing aspect and the more detailed illustrations that we, as graphic designers, can’t provide.

Encourage loyalty

Perhaps you could provide a service but postpone the payment for a month or two. Build up a relationship with your new, future clients and offer something for free or ‘pay it forward’ by offering the work now but with a delayed payment. It might bring in immediate funds but it will build a solid relationship for later.