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Logo and website design for high-end car cleaning company

Exeter-based car detailing company, Diamond Detailing, asked us to create their new logo and website design.

Owners of high-end cars can now have their cars cleaned and valeted at their home or place of work – but not just cleaned, the level of cleaning offered will take the car back to its showroom condition by the use of a detailed cleaning process.

A new venture, Diamond Cut Detailing offer a range of cleaning packages for all budgets and we were and to design the logo and the website to showcase the quality of the cleaning service.

Logo website design
website design for detailing company
web design ideas for car cleaner

Diamond Detailing is a new business, set up this year (2020) just before and during the pandemic. Despite this, the owner decided to go ahead anyway and set up his new business and this has meant that he has been able to thrive while other similar companies have waited for the crisis to end. 

Logo and website design

By creating a new logo, brand and website design for the business, we’ve been able to make the new business look established and of high quality even though they’ve only been in business for a few months.

The logo design is a twist on a diamond shape, with a vibrant use of a two-tone colour idea that works equally well on a black background and a lighter, or white background.

The shape can also be used on its own, perhaps on a polo shirt or on bottles as Diamond Detailing will shortly be launching a new range of cleaning products for those that want to deep-clean their own car.

The website design is based on a black background which reflects the type of client that the company attracts and also shows off the cleaned cars at their best.