People just love themselves

about us

When we look at any design, be it a brochure, a leaflet or a website, do we really want to read the ‘about us’ page. Who reads this pages? Well, I do. But only after I’ve been drawn in and I want a bit more information.

I thought I’d list out a few websites I’ve looked at recently to see how many times I looked at the ‘about us’ page:

Travel Bag (holiday website) : Nope

John Lewis (high street shop, looking for a BBQ) : No way

Apple (just love a home hub) : Um, no

Nat West (thinking of changing banks) : Nah

Smart (looking at cool garden offices) : Yes, actually (I needed in-depth details of their building systems so wanted to know a bit of history).

So from that very unscientific research, yes your about us page is important but what should it say?

Well, people buy from people and so it’s sometimes nice to see who we’ll be dealing with. But please be sure to use well-taken and up to date photos of your team.

Include useful information such as how you work and what stands you part from the competition. Don’t talk about yourselves, customers generally don’t care that much. It depends largely on the amount of real-life interaction when the customer gets in touch.

oh, and don’t use stock images – employ a professional photographer!