Not every business needs a website

Not every business needs a website. Shocking, I know, especially from this web designer in Exeter.

It’s true. Some businesses thrive much better with social media or with the use of an app and a website might not be necessary.

But if you’re a business owner who can’t compete purely on social media or you can’t afford the development of a bespoke app, then a website design (or re-design for that matter) might be the best way to attract more business and to keep in touch with your customers.

The days of adding lots of text (and, heaven forbid animated graphics) are long gone, and I hope that any decent web designer in Exeter would focus on a good, clean web design (although there are always exceptions to the rule of course).

People looking for a service or product just like yours are used to seeing and trusting brands that have a clear message that is presented in a simple but effective way.

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Why do people use the internet to find service providers like you?

Think of it this way:

Why do you go shopping for food (online or in a shop, it doesn’t matter)?

  • To buy food? Nope.
  • To see the latest offers. Not that either.
  • To buy enough food for the week? No.

The reason you go shopping for food is because you have a problem. You get hungry. And you need to solve that problem.

And that is why people are looking at your website right now; they have a problem and they want to know if you can solve it. A high quality, well thought out and designed website design will make sure that your customer can get to the point straight away without looking through lots and lots of text.

Your customers have this in mind when they are searching for a solution (hint, they don’t care about you).

Firstly, they are looking for an immediate confirmation that you offer the solution to their needs. Is it obvious to them that what you do is relevant to their problem?

Then they check that you are trustworthy. Are there reviews or examples from previous customers? Consider the first thing they see on the home page – is it clear? Is it obvious?

Then they check you out, have a bit of a browse then (and this is the important bit) they look for ways to contact you.

Is it easy to contact you?

Is there an obvious button or link that they can click to get in touch right away?

Ways of encouraging people to get in touch:

  • A direct email link – this is useful because the sender retains a copy of their email to you
  • A link to a contact form – this is useful because you can request extra information such as their contact details or an indication of how they found you
  • A chat system – this is useful because people can leave an instant message and you can respond to it straight away