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Our lovely designs and other stuff on Instagram
  • Colourful brollies on a sunny day in Exeter 
#exeter #summer
  • Logo design concept for PCF

#logo #graphicdesign
  • We design logos, business cards, websites. You name it, well design it.

#design #logos #exeter #graphicdesign
  • Anyone for a refreshing cuppa? 
  • Precise logo for a precise company !
  • @hunky_fan doing her thing with yet another great illustration 
  • #MaltstersPubEvents @MaltstersPub
  • #MaltstersPubEvents @MaltstersPub
  • #MaltstersPubEvents @MaltstersPub
  • ‘Tis raining somewhat ☔️ 🌧
  • Those snazzy looking website tools advertised on TV are not all that they seem - see link in bio
  • Riley the office dog takes a dip. The paddling needs some more work.

Just thought I’d mention that we’ve been using LinkedIn recently – do you use it? I thought it was a boring, corporate ‘salesy’ social media platform but it’s surprisingly good and we’ve made some really useful contacts.

It might be a useful way to gain clients for your new venture or existing business.

Most of our design work goes up on Instagram at @made_by_cube_lab as the designs look really great on their platform.

I guess we just like seeing our work on a screen!

That’s it, just some random thoughts on a wet Friday afternoon!

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