Improve Your Online Presence With Professional Web Design

Starting or growing a business

When starting a new business webpage, or creating a promotional website, the first thing to consider is what will it be about?  What image do you want out of the website? How will people perceive it? How will people access it and why?

Once you have identified the answers to these questions, web designers help to create the webpage of your dreams to expand your presence online.

To get started, your brand requires a statement of its own, an interface that is unique, simple, and attracts people at one glance. That’s where web designers come in to provide you with a unique brand image plus a webpage that helps represent it. Well-executed web designs have certain elements of layout, pop of specific colours and use of a certain kind of font to represent exactly what your business is all about. With all the details that need to be taken into account while designing a successful website, you can trust our team of web designers based here in Exeter, Devon to simplify the process. Instead of making it too complicated and overdone, we produce simple and readable designs that display your brand image.

Below are the standards we strive to meet every day to ensure the highest quality website to showcase your brand’s image.

Minimalistic web design

While it may seem necessary to tell all and showcase everything all at once, it is important to understand that in the case of website readability, less is more.

We achieve a sense of minimalism in our designs by keeping the focus of the readers engaging with key details, designed to stand out.

Not only is placement of details important, but also the right use of colouring. It is important to keep the website uncluttered and easy to navigate for best readability.

Take a look at our web design showcase for examples.

Dark modes, shadows, and layers in web design

As the target of your business or brand needs to be widespread and multi-purpose, a great web design needs to be easily adaptable under various situations. A successful web page should include elements that help the user interact freely without much thought.

The dark mode in websites makes them more user friendly and continues to be a trending feature of websites and apps.

The use of realistic shadows and multiple layers helps develop focus where needed, merging real-time photos with digital graphics.

Unique elements

There has to be at least one element within your web design, that is unique to your brand’s image, and using these elements in multiple spaces on the webpage makes it an experience worth remembering and one that is interesting for the user.

For example, if you plan on representing something raw and artsy, the website might include some strokes of brushes here and there or some sketchy elements to make it close to hand.

Professional web designer

The idea of using a professional website designer, therefore, is to ensure that you get a chance to showcase your brand’s image with a unique flavour all your own as well as an interactive experience for the user.

Contact us for advice and help with your web design project.