How much does a web design cost?

The cost of a website varies hugely and it seems mad that there’s no real guide to prices. As a web designer of over 12 years, I can reveal the true cost of a website.

There are a number of types of website and that determines the cost.

A simple 5 page website might cost more than a larger website and that seems odd, but sometimes more thought has to be put into even the smallest of sites.

How should it engage with your customers?

Is it enough to just advertise what you do or should you be thinking more from a marketing point of view?

It’s no longer enough to just have a website filled with dubious content. It needs to work hard to attract business.

Website design style

Is there a particular style that you think will appeal to your customers? How much illustrative work is involved?

Do you need something that stands apart from your competitors? Of course you do. And a design that is ‘different’ will take time and cost more.

As a guide, you can expect to pay from £1500 to £1800 plus for a designer to create a design that stands out from your competitors, looks great and does the job of marketing your business.

Can I build my own website?

There are lots of ways to design and build a website yourself. But beware!

Here’s a short list of some of the things you’ll need to do when building your own site (and all this is included when you hire a designer):

red car


Format the photos – your lovely new camera probably takes great photos but we don’t want to upload images that are 6Mb or sometime bigger. So you’ll need to make them smaller and compress them a little.

That’s every image on the site. So, let’s say it takes 5 minutes to format, crop, compress and export each image – say you have 30 images. That’s 2 1/2 hours right there.


Write all the copy, edit it so that it’s aimed at your customer (not all about you). A designer will likely employ a writing expert for this. Let’s say you have 10 pages, that’s about an hour and a half per page at a quick estimate. So 15 hours to write the copy.


How do you want the pages to look? Standard pages or with some element of design? Do you want to lay out the pages in an interesting way or just add the text was in a plain page.

Have you designed the page first or just dived in to build it? When you hire a designer, he or she will design interesting page layouts that are easy to build and pleasing to the eye.

Say you have 10 pages, it probably takes an hour to format each page, add it to the menu, add the images and check the SEO. So there’s another 10 hours.

web design

Home page

How are you going to design the home page. Have you thought about how your customers are going to interact with the home page. Have you thought about the ‘call to action’? What’s the purpose of this page? Is it to look lovely or is it to encourage people to get in touch or to direct them to the services or products you provide?

A designer will think about this na try out several ways to get your clients engaged. Or you could just add some pretty pictures and some text about you.

A designer will take bout 8 hours designing a mockup of this idea for the home page, then about 4 hours refining it. That’s before anything is built in the website tool of choice.

There’s another 12 hours gone.

And there’s still this to do:

Contact form – add the fields and test the form

Create the menu and add the pages

Refine the logo and ad to the site (you do have a logo, right?)

Check the site works on a mobile and modify accordingly (people view websites differently on a mobile)

Research and add keywords to the pages, images and page titles

Check the links

Add and set up security to prevent hacking attempts

And so on …

Or you could hire us!