Web & graphic design ideas

As web and graphic designers, we design a variety of items from websites to logos, full branding and packages and containers for products. We take inspiration from all walks of life and design in a way that might not at first be as expected. We’ll design clear and concise graphical elements and provide all the formats you’ll need for your business, from print-ready files to social media formats.

Here’s just a small sample of our creative work.

Benedicts logo design business

Benedicts Logo

We tried a number of options for the Benedict’s Bar logo, starting with some preferred ideas by the client but we added a design of our own that we really liked and the client picked that one!

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JJ bottle label design

Jasmin Jones

We were asked to design a logo for the JJ website as well as a label for the products. We settled on the JJ motif for the logo as we felt it was clean and crisp while being modern and easy to remember.

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grin business cards


We designed the Grin logo and website and also helped with the newsletter templates that they use to keep their clients updated with new funds.

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web design

Printed Ink

We were asked to design the new brand for printed ink, a new venture that helps photographers to get their shots printed on all manner …

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coffee labels

MU coffee

Our graphic designers designed the packaging for MU as well as the logo, all based on local traditional clothing after some lengthy research.

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roots logo

Roots to market

Roots to market is a new venture in the city, providing much-needed help and advice for local businesses that are trying to get off the …

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Lloyds Lounge menus


Lloyds Lounge is a great eating, drinking and meeting place in Exeter and we were pleased to have been asked to design the new website, …

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Pelican cards

The Pelican Project

The Pelican Project helps young people and their carers through collaboration with others in the area and by running events and getting involved in the …

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