Disaster recovery for businesses

What to do in a disaster

We’re seeing an unprecedented situation in the world and it affects businesses very hard indeed. Apart from the obvious health and family implications, it’s commerce that makes the world go round.

Without commerce, there is nothing (well, apart from hunting and gathering but who wants to do that?)

Don’t hide away and hope for the best

Now is not the time to cower and hide away. If you want your business to survive, you must be prepared for the time that we come out of this current situation. Your business needs to be ready, for we will survive this and this will pass.

There is little point in trying to drum up business right now as no-one is listening. You need to prepare for when the disaster passes. And it will. Eventually.

It might be weeks or it might be months, but this is the time to prepare for the re-launch of your business. Your business will only survive if you are stronger than your competitors.

What can I do for the survival of my business?

Use the time to focus on looking at your business:

1. Where can you make improvements?

2. How can you shine brighter than your competitors?

3. Who are your competitors and what are they doing to improve their businesses?

4. What do you offer, has it changed over the years?

5. Has your target audience changed over time?

How can I prepare?

Social Media is awash with news and opinion about the virus at the moment so your message will not get through the noise so now might be the time to look at your website and the other communications you have with your customers.

1. Contact your customers to let them know you’ll be there when they need you. Make that connection to keep the relationship going.

2. Check your website, does it have old information that needs updating?

Does it send out the wrong message? All businesses evolve, has your online message changed inline with your business?

Right, how do I plan for this?

Here’s a diary of things you can do and these things only take an hour a day.


Check business website for old information and update where necessary


Look at your website from your customer or clients’ point of view. Would you buy from you? Can improvements be made to your message? Make a list – we can help with web design.


Check the email list, when was the last time you contacted your customers? Don’t ret and sell to them, they aren’t listening right now. Just get in touch and say ‘hello, we’ll be here for you when you need us …’


Check Google for the terms you think people will search for you – where do you come up in the results? Perhaps it’s time to work on that.


Reflect on the week and take care, people!