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You are an intelligent and authentic person, and deserve to be treated as such. When you work with cube lab, you’ll be dealing with an honest and authentic team of web and graphic designers.

Cube Lab is essentially me and the dog most days, but when the projects demand more time or different skills, I call in my trusted team of freelancers who work with me, in the cube lab office here in Exeter, Devon.


I have been in the design industry for going on 12 years now and my small but perfectly-formed team of designers have loads of experience and energy, ready to work on your project.


You might have lots of questions and you might not understand the technicalities of design.

That’s okay! I can guide you on all of that. We all have our specialities and talents. I know nothing about finance or legal stuff but ask me about design and we’re on safe ground!


The key to avoiding any misunderstandings and the subsequent frustration is to have clear communication and expectations from the very start of a project. I am a direct person which means I ask a lot of questions… sometimes quite in-depth! So don’t be afraid of asking lots of questions yourself.

Although I work diligently to accommodate all clients in every possible way, I will be clear about my policies and procedures, so we can come to a firm understanding about what is required before we start designing.

A bit about us

Cube Lab in Exeter, and its story about ‘being different’

The digital and creative world has seen exceptional change since we started Cube Lab back in 2006. Yet, as graphic and web design specialists, we make it our business to understand and embrace the constantly changing digital landscape.

To help you, our small but perfectly formed Cube Lab team lives and breathes digital and marketing. Our handpicked designers, programmers, copywriters, illustrators, film makers and photographers are each brought into play on a project-by-project basis.

Every one of them bringing you unique, fresh and inspiring creativity when you need it most.


This collaborative approach is by no means revolutionary.

However, it does mean you get access to creative experts without the high cost of an agency, or the hassle of finding individual creatives for each part of your project.

Working with you, we uncover what really counts and get across what really matters. Developing brands and designs that challenge attitudes while inspiring action. We put ourselves in your customer’s shoes and think about their user experience.

From graphic design for a new or refreshed logo, to a full rebrand. From web design for a brochure style website, to full e-commerce shops. Or just dusting off and freshening up your existing marketing collateral. Whatever your project, Cube Lab brings a distinctive, clean and fresh design flavour to the whole process

Come and see us – we’d love to meet you and hear all about your business goals and dreams.
And when you’re working with us, you’re supporting an independent and local business too.

The team



Founding Cube Lab in 2006 and now managing the day-to-day stuff that goes with running a busy studio, Steve can be found reading puppy-training books while he learns to train new puppy, Riley! See his Instagram feed here.



Jasmin works closely with Cube Lab, injecting her creativity into beautiful and unique package design and branding.



Sarah spends her time creating content for websites, social media or to assist with getting your business seen in all the right places, whether that’s through SEO, outreach or PR.


Riley will meet and greet you when you visit so be ready for lots of attention.

He spends most of the time asleep.

He is just a dog, after all!

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