Designing your own website – part 1

Decided to go it alone? Ready to design a website for your business? Step right up!

We were a start up once, just like you and your business. Or perhaps you have an established business but want to stand out from the crowd and you’ve decided it’s time to spruce up the old brand, get that logo fine-tuned and sharpened up. But there’s a problem, you’ve no budget, no funds to pay a designer to do the job for you so you’ve decided to do it yourself.

Glad you like a challenge! Here are some helpful tips:

Your business and your clients

When thinking about our own business and how we should come across on a website or indeed any marketing materials, we often do what we think we ‘should’ do rather than thinking about what our ideal client is looking for.

Your potential clients don’t care about you. Really, they don’t. Of course they want to connect with you and feel comfortable dealing with you, of course they do. But they are not too worried about the history of your business or that you’re ‘passionate about what you do’. Of course you’re passionate, you wouldn’t be in business unless you felt something about what you do.

So choose the photos, write the content and decide on the headings that talk to your customers, not to you. Remember the website is for your customers not you, and so there’s no need to tell them how wonderful you are or how passionate your team is. Your customer expects this. Tell them what you’re going to do for them. Your customer wants to know that you’re going to solve their problem, whatever that is.

After all, when browsing for a new car, when did you last read about the owners and workers at the factory. Or read about the tools and robots that make the car? You didn’t, did you! You read about how that lovely new car was going to be so comfortable and how great it’s going to look on your drive.


Design for your customer, not for you