Design your own logo

What happened when I tried a cheap logo design tool

It’s easy to design a logo these days, just register with someone like Wix and design it yourself. I tried it and ok, I’m biased, but here’s my opinion.

It’s a simple process, just enter your company name and a tagline and choose from a selection of logo designs. Then the system ‘designs’ the logo for you which you can then edit. The system allowed me to edit the colours of the icon, change the icon and edit the typeface with a wide range of choices. I could fiddle about with the sizes and so on and Voila! One logo, done in about 5 minutes.

Alternatively, you could hire a designer (like me). What’s the difference? Well for a start there’s the precision involved. The icons are fine but what if you want something bespoke? What if you’d like the typeface arranged just so? Yes, it’s possible, but it’s fiddly and easy to get in a mess.

For all means, if you’re on a low budget, have a go and have fun!

or take your brand seriously and hire a Pro.

What about costs? 

The ‘Advanced’ plan from Wix supplies all the files you’ll need, in colour and in black and white as well as reversed black and white.  They are all the same size as far as I can see so you’ll need to edit them later to fit the range of Social Media platforms.

The cost from Wix is £34.74

Plus your time of course and I reckon it’ll take you 3 or 4 hours to get it just right. You might nail it in 30 minutes of course. Depends on how good (or fussy) you are.

Hiring a designer means you’ll get access to years of design experience, a view on your business which means the logo will not be out of the box and will suit your business.

The cost of a design ranges from about £180 to £280, depending on the complexity of the design.

Or you could pay me £50 and I’ll knock up a Wix logo for you. As long as your expectations are low.