Design that works

apple card

I changed bank recently (well, I’m trying to change banks, it’s not been that straightforward but that’s another story).

So far, I’ve received my new debit card in the post which is, I’m sure, the first of many items in the post that will arrive before the account is set up.

The card is a bit of a disappointment, from a design point of view (have a look at Apple’s credit card for an amazing design by the way).

Anyway, I digress, back to my debit card. It’s grey (Ok, I like grey actually) but it’s not shiny. The card number is dull, not like my old card where the numbers are embossed and in a shiny material.


But then it dawned on me, this is perfect. It solves a problem I have with all my other cards .. the numbers won’t wear off like they do on my other card.

My old card used to have shiny numbers, now they are worn off and the same colour as the background (black) and can’t read the number with out squinting and turning the card into the light.

You see, good design is not just how it looks, but how it works. And my old card definitely doesn’t work because I can’t read the ‘long number on the front’.