Concepts of process improvement in business

As Document Automation and Process Improvement Specialists, our clients RLegal, know all about implementing changes in the workplace and these days that can be challenging and pretty complex.

It’s so easy for business teams to be too busy to make changes to their processes and continuous improvement (can be known as Kaizen) is a lean process improvement methodology that enables disciplined teams to keep improvement as their top priority.

Process improvement in a business is more effective when practised across the organisation.

Each and every part of the business needs to be willing to change for process improvement efforts to be effective.

If the improvement is more apparent in just a few departments or taken up by a handful of team members, other areas of the business may suffer as a result.

Process Improvement across the business helps you to maximise value and work more efficiently – enabling teams to easily find ways to deliver more value to customers faster.

Process Improvement Techniques

Two tools, Kanban and WIP limits come in handy to make easy and effective changes to a business. We outline some details of both here.


Kanban is a visual process workflow tool that enables individuals, teams, and organisations to manage work through a shared understanding of the process.

WIP limits

WIP stands for work-in-process and implementing this for yourself and your team is a great process improvement technique. Implementing WIP limits helps teams to focus on improving how they prioritise and collaborate with their work, encouraging everyone to discuss work priority, status, and opportunities for working as a team and keeping improvement in their minds at all times.

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