stock images vs photographer

People just love themselves

When we look at any design, be it a brochure, a leaflet or a website, do we really want to read the ‘about us’ page. …

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hiking logos

The design process of a logo

People often ask me what’s involved in designing a logo or they wonder why it costs so much (I’ve even been asked why it costs …

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apple card
Graphic Design

Design that works

I changed bank recently (well, I’m trying to change banks, it’s not been that straightforward but that’s another story). So far, I’ve received my new …

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customer journey and UX

A tale of good customer experience

The other day, like many other families, we went out to lunch for Fathers Day. We went to a local place that serves great food …

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web design reviews

Web design testimonials and reviews

I never read a testimonial page. Why would I? I don’t trust them, they often feel false and made up. One way to overcome this …

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web design
Web Design

Website trends

Back in the day, websites all had to fit onto a 760px wide screen. It was a challenge to get the design to fit into …

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