Backup your website

Things that can go wrong, do go wrong.

Sod’s law I think it’s called. We are now offering a new backup service called Code Guard. This amazing tool backs up your website every day and notes any changes that have been made then it emails you just to check if they are changes you have made or if they are changes that a naughty spammer has made.

Websites are hacked every day, please read on ..

If you value your business, please read this email as it affects us all. It might be worth grabbing a coffee as it’s a bit of a long email!

As you know, the cube lab designed your website and we host it, too. However, we are unable to accept responsibility for your website if it is compromised by hackers or other unforeseeable server or software problems.

Whilst our hosting partners backup your website files and database, these backups can be overwritten by a compromised site. In other words, if a hacking attempt is made on Monday and is not noticed, the Tuesday backup will over write the most recent, good copy.

All this is rare but it can happen and while we don’t want to worry you, we feel it is time to take action to prevent our client’s sites from being affected.

Remember; we’re not responsible if your site is hacked and it can take a day or more to rebuild or fix the website, which can be expensive.

The Solution
We have partnered with a superior website back-up service called code guard (check out their site, it makes for interesting reading,

It costs from as little as around £5 a month which is a small price to pay for peace of mind. We are working out a reasonable fee to charge to set your site up, but this shouldn’t be more than £50.

Why worry?

Right now, millions of websites are compromised. And their owners do not have a clue. This is because the website is valuable only as long as its owner does not realize it has been compromised.

Establishing a trusted reputation for a URL & IP address doesn’t happen overnight, so spammers rely on websites with trusted reputations to elude spam filters and deceive recipients into clicking on the links within them. By using your website to redirect victims of phishing attacks, you become part of the problem. Your reputation is used as part of the scam, and all without you knowing it. The recent WordPress brute force attacks are an example of the first step – compromising your site without your knowledge. Once the brute force attacker figures out your username and password, do you think they are going to change it? Not a chance.

You are alone and your website is your responsibility. Your website is valuable because of the reputation you have established with online registries and because it sits atop a webserver that can be manipulated. To explain why someone would want to hack your quiet corner of cyberspace, I will use an analogy, comparing your website to a cement plant. I’m not joking.

Your website might be hacked right now. “My website hacked?”, you think Yes, your website. “But I’m not a major media outlet, I don’t process billions of e-commerce transactions, and I’m not a federal agency”, you say. If you have a website, it may have been compromised. “But if my site was hacked, it would show up on Google’s blacklist, right?” Wrong. “But if my site was hacked, the hackers would deface it and I would see it, right?” Wrong. “But if my site was hacked, my web developer would know it, right?” Wrong. “But my host protects me, right?” Wrong.

CodeGuard provides automatic backup in the cloud that is simple, easy to use, and easy to understand. We are a complete solution for website backup, database backup, and for managing multiple websites and databases.


CodeGuard monitors your website hourly, daily, or weekly for changes. When we detect a change we email you a Change Alert notification including a high-level report of important website files that were changed, as well as a summary of low-risk files that were changed (such as images)


CodeGuard offers one-click restore, individual file restore, and manual zip restore. You can access every saved backup complete with a date-stamp and detailed information on each change. When you need a backup the most, we have you covered!

At CodeGuard, we are sick and tired of this virtual blight, and aim to stop it. What can you do? Sign up for CodeGuard, right now. We are the only way you can know if your site has been compromised via our Change Alerts. And we don’t leave you high and dry at that point. If your site is compromised, we fix it with the click of a button, and then we will patch whatever security vulnerability your site has. Just. that. simple.

Ignorance is bliss. But now you know. Do your duty, and ensure that your website isn’t part of the problem, but part of the solution.

Don’t have nightmares about your website, get in touch to find out more.