Above the fold and why it matters

Scrolling and above the fold

Our clients used to think their customers hated scrolling down the page on a website; they’d insist that with their new website we were building for them that we crammed everything in to be displayed on one screen without the need to scroll. This is known as ‘above the fold’ and comes from newspaper terminology where editors insisted in having the most compelling details above the middle fold line of the paper, hence ‘above the fold’.

That still holds today but in the past we got it wrong. It’s not that the most important information needs to be above the fold or on the screen without the need for scrolling, the important thing is to make sure that the message that is above the fold is compelling enough to open the fold, or scroll down the page.

If your message is inviting enough, then your website visitors will feel compelled to explore. They will scroll, just like they were compelled to turn the page.

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