A tale of good customer experience

customer journey

The other day, like many other families, we went out to lunch for Fathers Day. We went to a local place that serves great food and is pretty popular so we booked in advance.

Booking a table was easy and we managed to get one of the last tables for lunch.

“What’s this to do with design,” I heard you say .. bear with me!

When we arrived, the first thing we saw right inside the door was a sign that said: “Welcome! Please wait here to be seated”.

Simple enough, right?

A moment later, someone greeted us with a smile and asked for our names and a moment later, we were at the bar ordering drinks while our table was prepared (we were a little early).

The point is, we didn’t have to think too much, we didn’t have to think “we’re here, what do we do; do we wait, do we find a table, do we go to the bar?”

That’s good customer experience right there.

We in the design world call it UX (User Experience) and we as designers apply this to all of our creations.

A visitor to your website needs a bit of help finding what they want; they don’t want to have to search through the menu, they want to find the information quickly and with little fuss and distraction. We can help by providing a clear path for them.

That’s what we do as designers; think like users and offer the best experience.

Good user Experience matters. A lot.