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5 Solutions When Your Site Isn’t Bringing in Sales

Have you got an eCommerce site that isn’t bringing the results you’d hoped for? There is no quick fix to increase your sales, it is an ongoing process that needs continuous work. That being said, there are things you can do to help. We have detailed 5 points that will show you how to increase website sales.

1. Make Sure Navigation is Simple

If a potential customer visits your site and can’t find what they’re looking for, they are likely to go elsewhere. To help people to move down the sales funnel, your website should be easy to navigate and signpost them to where they need to go.

2. Add a Mailing List Sign-Up Form

Adding a sign-up form to your site will let interested consumers stay up to date with any news from your business. Sending newsletters, deals or new product information can help to remind people about your brand, and guide them from being interested to making a purchase.

In our last post, we spoke about the return on invest for re-marketing. You can add a feature to capture people who abandoned their items at the checkout. You can then use this to “re-market” to them and send an email asking if they want to complete their purchase.

Clever use of mailing lists really encourages people to make a purchase and is a great way to increase website sales.

3. Create Great Content

Well written, SEO optimised content will bring visitors to your site. If your content is interesting or informative people will share it and your audience will increase. Further to this, it will give consumers who are interested in your business, further information that they may be looking for. Potential leads may look to your blog content to get a better feel of the brand.

4. Showcase the Value of Your Services or Products

Having a reviews or testimonials page will show that you are a trusted brand. report that 84% of people trust online reviews, as much as personal recommendations. Think about when you are looking for a service, such as a plumber or electrician. You are much more likely to book someone who has been recommended to you. If consumers are considering spending with you, reviews and testimonials can give them the information they need to make their final decision.

5. Add Live Chat to Your Site

You may not have considered how customer service and your website can work together but if you add a live chat feature to your website, visitors can ask you any questions that come to mind in real time, as they’re on your site. From there, it is important to make sure you respond to queries quickly before customers go elsewhere.

Below is an example of the live chat feature on our homepage. For new visitors, the message will pop up asking if we can help. For regular visitors, or people spending some time on the site, the Messenger icon is in the bottom right of their screen, so they can chat to us at any time.

Our team will support you to grow your income, through clever web design, extra features to suit your business and great marketing. Get in touch now, to find out more about how to increase website sales. Why not try our instant chat button?!