5 minutes to improve your social media presence

Love Social Media or loathe it, I’m afraid you need to accept that it’s part of everyday life these days and it’s easy to make it work for your business.
Here are our tips for improving your social media activity:

Formulate a plan and have a goal. This part is easy; just write down in a small number of words why you want to reach out and when you want to see results. Decide on the social media platform to use and don’t just copy/paste the same article across each one as they are very different.

We at always write differently for each platform, keeping it short and snap for twitter, image-led for Instagram and more business-like to linkedIn and somewhere in between for Facebook. Oh and some platforms like Instagram allow you to write a post on their app and push it out to your other social media accounts at the same time.

Identify your audience. Who are you trying to engage with? What are their interests and how long can you keep their attention for? If they have a short attention-span and are on the move, consider using a more image-led approach.

Be more human. You are human and so are your customers, right? So keep it friendly and write as if you’re talking to them. It’s a bit of a cliche but people really do buy from people.

Build relationships. You’re in for the long haul so don’t expect overnight success, it just doesn’t happen (unless you’re a celebrity with a unique message and tens of thousands of followers).

Don’t sell. That’s right, just don’t. Chat, get involved, offer advice, engage but never sell. That’ll come naturally, later.

Focus on how to be social, not on how to do social. ~   Jay Baer