GDPR – what the heck is all that about?

GDPR – bet you don’t even know what it stands for, right? We had to ‘google it’ ourselves.

Its full name is General Data Protection Regulation and it’s coming soon – if you own a business, ignore it at your peril!

It’s time-consuming but needs to be done.

GDPR and how it affects you

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) will impose strict controls on how all businesses collect and process personal data. The UK will be enforcing the full range of GDPR requirements from May this year.

We have teamed up with Tozers in Exeter who offer a full service to help you to become fully compliant.

Contact us if you’d like Tozers to help and we’ll introduce you.

You may have some questions:

What do I need to do?

You need to take advice about general data protection rules and policies for your business and if you have a website, you must have the details below in place:

1. GDPR Policy Statement

2. Website terms and conditions

3. Privacy Policy

4. Cookie Policy

5. Contact forms – must contain text that explains you will not share the data and it will be stored according to your GDPR policies

6. If you collect payments on your website, you must ensure the payment stages adhere to GDPR rules

7. All signup options (for newsletters and so on) must offer a way to opt-in and you must not send un-solicitous emails to anyone unless you have their permission to do so. You must offer a way to ‘unsubscribe’ from a mailing list if they choose to do so.

How can Cube Lab help?

We’ll help you to add the details to your website and we’ll edit the text on any contact forms if you need us to but you must seek professional advice regarding the policies listed above.

Surely you have templates and all the text for this already?

We don’t have pre-written templates as each business is different and you’ll need to take independent advice.

We’re not responsible for making sure that your website is GDPR compliant but we can help if you need assistance.

How much will this cost?

It’s difficult to say as each website is slightly different but it should be no more than about £110 plus Vat, with legal costs (with Tozers, see above, not included).

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