SSL – Is your site secure?

Have you noticed that some URLs start with “http://“ while others start with “https://“? And that extra “s” is there when you’re browsing websites that require giving sensitive information, like when you’re paying bills or shopping online. But where did that extra “s” come from and what does it mean? This is the definition from … Read more

GDPR – what the heck is all that about?

GDPR – bet you don’t even know what it stands for, right? We had to ‘google it’ ourselves. Its full name is General Data Protection Regulation and it’s coming soon – if you own a business, ignore it at your peril! It’s time-consuming but needs to be done. GDPR and how it affects you GDPR … Read more

Pazzy’s time at Cube Lab


Pazzy joined us for a week back in 2014 for a work experience placement. he originally wanted to learn web design and development but it became clear very quickly that he preferred the creative side of web design and has been with us (on and off) ever since! He’s now at Exeter University studying physics … Read more

Graphic design and printing in Exeter

graphic design

As one of Exeter’s long-established designers we produce high-quality graphic design for everything from business cards, letterheads and labels to banner stands, vinyl banners and postcards. We provide a great service, advising from everything from the type of paper to the colours that best suit your brand. And if you don’t have a brand, we’ll help with … Read more

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