Graphic design and printing in Exeter

graphic design

As one of Exeter’s long-established designers we¬†produce high-quality graphic design for everything from business cards, letterheads and labels to banner stands, vinyl banners and postcards. We¬†provide a great service, advising from everything from the type of paper to the colours that best suit your brand. And if you don’t have a brand, we’ll help with … Read more

Why you should embrace Social Media


Social Media – is it worth the effort? Like many people, I was not sure about Social Media, especially twitter. Then I had an experience that changed everything and I’d like to share the story with you. In the beginning, there was twitter (of course, twitter was not the first, but let’s start there). I … Read more

How important is your brand?

branding and logo design

A brand is how others see and perceive your business. The way that is visually expressed through a logo, colour and typeface is how your company is perceived by your customers and the value they place on your business and is the key to your success. Here are some of our tips for creating a … Read more

Backup your website

hard drive

Things that can go wrong, do go wrong. Sod’s law I think it’s called. We are now offering a new backup service called Code Guard. This amazing tool backs up your website every day and notes any changes that have been made then it emails you just to check if they are changes you have … Read more

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